Location:Grand Ballroom

Gala Dinner is the largest event held at Affirm Plus Properties Sdn. Bhd. During the dinner, awards will be given out based on top sales, top project sales, top group director and top recruiter as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Affirm Plus Properties encourage the work-life balance culture. Aside from awards, there will also be some entertainment to keep the night going. There will be a variety of performances by special guests that were cordially invited to make our night fun and entertaining. We aim to make our gala dinners an event that all our agents will appreciate and as a way for them to build a stronger bond among each other. It is an occasion to celebrate not only achievements but also the continuous strength of the company. Our gala dinner usually would have different themes every year to make each event unique and special. Not forgetting about the food - the menus are specially tailored to suit every guest’s needs.